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Beware of using the wrong website

We are aware that there is a copied version of the old Jenner Health Centre website currently active online.

The genuine Jenner Health Centre website was taken offline in 2019. However, a similar looking site with the web address is currently active which appears to link to gambling websites.

Unfortunately, this website is also currently linked to our three surgery branches in Google Business.

This website does not belong to Jenner Healthcare.

As we have not created, nor do we administrate this site, we are unable to take it down.

We have also been unable to have the site taken down through the domain provider but have applied to NOMINET to have the issue looked into. We are in the process of updating Google Business.

In the meantime, please be aware of this copied site and do not attempt to use it.

We are also aware that the Octagon Medical Practice website is also still active. This is because the de-merger is still in progress. Eye, Thorney and Whittlesey patients can click on their respective pages on the Octagon site, where they will be re-directed to the new Jenner Healthcare site.

Jenner Healthcare’s current website can be found at