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DVLA Fitness To Drive Statements

During the Covid-19 pandemic,  many drivers’ licences have expired. The DVLA initially gave extensions so that drivers could continue to drive.  However, for many drivers, this extension is coming to an end. Some drivers are now being told by the DVLA to ask their GP if they are “fit to drive” so that they can continue to drive under Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (RTA 1988).

GP’s are not qualified, trained or indemnified to advise patients whether or not they are fit to drive.   Nor is such work covered by the NHS Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice, as this is not NHS work.

Please do not ask the practice to provide a letter stating whether or not you are fit to drive.

In some circumstances the practice may be able to provide a report for the DVLA to assist their own expert medical advisers in deciding upon fitness.  This would be a simple, factual report detailing any specific medical condition you may have but would not offer any opinion about your fitness to drive.  As this is not NHS work, a private fee would be chargeable for this service.

Any queries relating to this should be directed to Helen King at Jenner Healthcare @ Thorney in the first instance.

Thankyou for your understanding in this matter.