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Update on Jenner Healthcare @ Thorney branch

We are pleased to announce that following the successful recruitment and induction of staff, we are now able to open the Thorney branch.

Reception will be open as follows:


The practice would like to thank all our patients for their tolerance and understanding during this difficult and challenging period.

We recognise access to primary care is a challenge not only for us but across the country with demand for services exceeding capacity.

On a positive note however we have recruited 3 nurse practitioners who will be starting over the coming months and they will provide significant additional capacity so it is hoped you will notice an improvement in access to our practice in the coming months.

If you have an acute illness or symptoms you are concerned about please remember we (along with most practices nationally)  do not operate a walk in service, it is better if you ring the practice where our call handling team will book you in for a call back from one of our clinicians.  Following that clinical assessment we can often resolve the problem on the phone but if further investigations or a face to face appointment is needed then that can be arranged.  By operating in this way we can deal with many more patients per day than we could if everyone were seen.  This improves access to all.

I know access on the phone can also be difficult at times and we are working on this with a new telephone platform, but you as patients can help too.  The volume of calls in the early mornings can be very large and exceed our answering capacity. If your call is less urgent then could you please call later in the day as it spreads out that demand peak and allows us to answer everyones calls quicker.

And finally can i encourage patients to get involved with the Patient Participation Group.  The group is important to us all. We have been working closely with them on addressing issues and developments in the practice.